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  • Russian Government-Funded Study Opportunities for International Students

    • 2021-12-01
    • Posted By : admin
    • Medical University

    Every year, the Russian Federation government offers thousands of government-funded seats for international candidates, and the number of international applicants admitted to study at various Russian institutions of higher learning through the quotas issued by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education grows annually. In academic year 2019/2020, it exceeded 13,000. The following year, it reached almost 15,000. This year, it is set to rise to 18,000. Over 7,000 applications have been submitted to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education so far this year, of which more than 2,000 have been approved and the rest are still being considered by the Russian universities. It is expected that 7,000 more applications will be received in the current year. The number of international students admitted annually to study in Russia is set to double and reach 30,000 by 2023. To get enrolled in a higher education programme at a Russian educational institution as a government-funded student through the quota programme, you should take the following steps: Create an account: visit and click �Register�; Complete the online application form and attach the required documents; Complete qualifying tests in your country; Track your application online at; Receive an invitation and apply for a study visa.

    Have questions or need more information? Contact the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education�s hotline at 84 951 222 268 from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Select a programme that is best suited to your interests and aspirations and start working your way towards your goals. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the diverse and vibrant community of students and staff at Vernadsky CFU.


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